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The Salzinsel
Salt Grotto/SALARIUM®
Salt Corner
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Sonorous Massage

Welcome to the first 'Salt Island' in Austria!



Our Salzinsel (= salt island) is located in the center of Villach and offers healing maritime climate in a relaxing atmosphere.

For thousands of years the natural healing properties of salt have been known by mankind. Even in the ancient Egypt it was already valued for its benefits and was used to speed up healing processes. Even now, the power of salt is appreciated during stays at the seaside or in salt mines.

Now you can find this health haven close to you! Entire 16 tons of Himalayan Crystal Salt are waiting for you in our salt rooms. This Crystal Salt has aged more than 250 million years and is natural and easily compatible with the human body. Breathe in valuable minerals and microelements with each and every breath.

A session of just 45 minutes brings mind and body into a pleasant state of rest and relaxation.

Even the little ones find their place. With the Salzkiste we reserved a special space for our smallest visitors. The ‘Salzkiste’, more specifically salt box, filled with pure Himalayan Crystal Salt, invites the youngest to play. Consequently, while they enjoy playing, their immune system which is still in the growing phase, is invigorated.

Got curious?

More information, especially about benefits and procedures of the sessions, you will find on the following pages. Indulge yourself and enjoy healthy relaxation.


Because your are worth it.


          We are looking forward to welcoming you at Salzinsel.

      Cornelia Steiner