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Sonorous Massage

What is a sonorous massage?


Just imagine, you throw a rock into a pond. The entrance of the rock into the water generates a series of small circular waves on the surface of the water, that slowly spread out.

A similar effect can be observed within your body which consists of about 70% of water itself. During a sonorous massage or Tibetan singing bowl treatment a bowl is positioned on your dressed body and is gently hit.

The vibrations the bowl produces resonate with the body energy centers (chakras) and corresponding physical area and help to relax and unwind.


Benefits of sonorous treatment:

Release of tensions and aches in the body
Deep full body relaxation
Release of energetic blockages
Lowering blood pressure & releasing stress
Enhancing creative powers and inspiration
Recognizing & changing habits
Development of sensory awareness
Harmonizes every single cell of the body
Increasing & stimulating the immune response
Physical & auditory stimulation
Mind-Body-Soul Connection

The sonorous massage may help:


To reduce tensions in shoulders, neck, back, sciatica, lumbago, sleep disorders and insomnia, difficulties in concentration, headache, indigestions, circulatory disorders, muscle pains, bronchitis, asthma, dyspnea, depression, panic attacks, stress.

Please note that the sonorous treatment does not substitute diagnosis or medical treatment. It is suited well as a concomitant therapy.

Available this fall!

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