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The Salzinsel
Salt Grotto/SALARIUM®
Salt Corner
Prices and Opening Hours
Sonorous Massage

Breathe in.



Our Salt Grotto and SALARIUM® have been stocked with natural Himalayan Crystal Salt, aged millions of years. Admire the extraordinary atmosphere in dimmed light and make yourself comfortable on loungers and wrap yourself in fluffy blankets. Let your everyday life slip away while listening to pleasant sound effects and the babbling of water from the graduation works.

Enjoy the healthy microclimate in both salt rooms. Low humidity of about 50 % and temperatures between 20 and 22°C facilitate the intake of saline air. Thus, while you relax, valuable minerals and molecules of various salts including iodine, calcium, bromine, iron, selenium, potassium and sodium positively influence your health, the immune system is vitalized and the functioning of the mucous membranes is enhanced. Click here to discover all benefits of sessions in the Salt Grotto or the SALARIUM®.



Session procedure - arrive and relax.


Chose either the Salt Grotto or the SALARIUM®, both are constructed to resemble a cave-like atmosphere ensuring a wonderfully relaxing and refreshing experience.


Both are build from natural blocks of Crystal Salt, feature lots of decorative elements and each is equipped with a graduation work. Beyond that, the SALARIUM® is outfitted with salt tiles and a Salzkiste, a salt corner ready with sand toys for the youngest visitors.

A session lasts 45 minutes and starts every hour on the hour. To enjoy your session in total tranquility and relaxation, we kindly ask you to arrive at the Salzinsel 10 minutes before your session starts. We recommend an advance reservation to provide you with the best service possible.

Stay in your comfortable everyday clothes – there is no need to undress or change.

You can leave your shoes on as well. In this case you will be provided with shoe overcoats at the reception. To benefit even more from the well-being: bring fresh, white socks.


Please find our opening hours here


We recommend advance reservation to avoid waiting times and stress and to provide you with the best service possible.