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The Salzinsel
Salt Grotto/SALARIUM®
Salt Corner
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Sonorous Massage

Valuable minerals and microelements with every breath.


Unrefined salt is anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. This was already noted in the ancient Egypt and the benefits of salt were used, among other things, to accelerate healing processes. Even now, the power of salt is appreciated during stays at the seaside or in salt mines.

With just one session lasting only 45-minutes you can gain the same advantages as a one-day stay at the seaside. Even without considering all the disadvantages, like higher costs, possible traffic jams and therefore lost time.



Salt Grotto and SALARIUM® - how do they work?


In both salt rooms, a microclimate is created through interaction of the pure Himalayan Crystal Salt, the graduation works and the air controllers “Halogeneretor” which keep the humidity level around 50% and the temperature between 20 and 22°C.


Furthermore, the Halogenerators control and support the air with the right content of negatively-ionized air, which is rich of valuable minerals and microelements. The negative ionization helps to reduce bacteria and fungal infections on the mucous membranes. Especially in children, vulnerability to diseases may be reduced with repeated visits.

These characteristics of a micro climate, the saturation with trace elements and negative ionization have beneficial effects on your nervous system and improves your physical well being and supports the treatment of several diseases like:

  • Respiratory conditions (e.g. asthma, chronic bronchitis, bronchiectasis, chronic sinus inflammation, chronic lung inflammation, chronic tonsillitis)
  • Dry cough and smoker’s cough
  • Dermatological conditions (e.g. psoriasis)
  • Allergies (e.g. hay fever)
  • Heart and cardiovascular diseases (e.g. circulation problems)
  • Rheumatologic conditions
  • Malfunctions of the vegetative nervous system
  • Neurosis, stress, general exhaustion, headache, migraine
  • Thyroid dysfunctions
  • Overweight
  • Psychosomatic disorders

Sessions in salt rooms do not substitute medical treatment. Individuals who suffer from thyroid hyperfunction, tuberculosis, claustrophobia, kidney disease should consult a physician before using of salt rooms.