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The Salzinsel
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Crystal Salt is easy to digest and healthy. It contains plenty of trace elements and minerals, which can all be absorbed and utilized by the human system. In marked contrast to common table salt, Crystal Salt stimulates the neutralizing effect in the body.

Take a look at our vast range of salt products at your next visit to Salzinsel. We offer:


Unrefined table salts: Salt of the Alps, Salt of the Andes, Halit Salt, Salt of the Carpathians, Himalayan Salt, Persian Salt
Aromatic salts: Curry and Coconut Salt,  Great-Hymn-to-Aten-Salt,  Orange-Rosemary Salt, 
Fire Salt, Salt of the Roses, Garlic Salt, Herbal Salt.
Salty sweets: Salt candies in various flavors (herbal, licorice, multivitamin). Chocolate with Persian Salt.


Sauna salts: with orange-vanilla or eucalyptus aroma
Bath salts: with depurative, relaxing, aphrodisiac, revitalizing, curative effects
Salt peelings: for face, total body in various fragrances
Care and wellness: tooth gel on salt base, shower gels, body lotions, nose spray, eye masks, deodorant stick and spray


Accessories Salt lamps and various decorative elements



Make your closest and dearest ones a precious surprise with our vouchers “salzwert”.

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Come to the Salzinsel and endulge yourself naturally!